Albert Martin
Truck Driver/Master EQ Operator
Amanda Adams
Korey Alario
Charles Cenac
Al Poiencot
James Champagne
Jim Barrett
Robert Lindley
Nancy Breaux
Paulette Stockstill
Pat Marmande
Steven Marmande


Sam Cahn
Rowdy Reynaud
Jim Wright
Charlton Fry
Brian Richard
Amanda Gary
Brad Pellegrin


Dawn Guillot
Ed Shockley
Steve Kent
Mary "Boudoin" Burtchaell
Rental Manager, PM Coordinator, Big Joe & SMO Catalog Sales Rep
Robert Landry
Rocky Jacobs
Don Hannan
Camaro Pierre
Receptionist/Accounts Receivable
Henry Hannan III

Baton Rouge

Asa Faulkner
Keith "KJ" LeClercq
Stephanie Sims
Darrell Matthews
Kelly Hannan
John Stafford
Derek Matthews
Kelly Seneca
Sharon Adams

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